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Expertise & Services

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Expertise & Services

We are method & platform agnostic, blending or modifying tools & techniques to deliver a custom methodology for each project.

Multi-country experience in:

  • Technology

  • Entertainment and Gaming

  • Health

  • Financial Services

  • CPG

Specialty Focus in:

  • Multicultural/Minority Communities, especially Indian Americans & Global Indians

  • India & Emerging International Markets

  • Underserved Audiences

  • DEI/ Accessibility

  • Privacy, Delicate/Sensitive Topics

  • End-to-End Complex Multi-Market studies

Areas - Specialities

Market Research Services

We offer a suite of market research services that combine innovative methodologies and cutting-edge tools to deliver actionable results. Our services include qualitative and quantitative analysis that can help you gain valuable insights into your business.

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  • Market exploration

  • Brand and Strategy Development

  • Innovation

  • Segmentation profiling

  • Concept and Message Testing

  • Advertising creation and testing

  • Consumer Journeys

Methods & Approaches
  • Traditional Approaches (both in-person and online): Focus Groups, IDIs, Ethnographic research, Shop-Alongs, in-situ studies

  • Customized Digital Methods: Online Boards, Digital Immersions, Communities

  • Complex Techniques: Jobs To Be Done, Emotional Metaphors, Card Sorting and Projective Techniques

  • Consumer Co-Creation

  • User Experience Labs

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User Experience

  • UX Discovery research

  • Summative/Formative Testing

  • User/Usability studies

  • A/B Testing

  • Contextual Enquiry

  • Diary Studies

  • Experienced strategists as moderators

  • Flexible conversations, enabling real-time analysis & iteration

  • Depth of expertise in B2B, B2C, and hyper-niche audiences

  • Online approaches that yield ‘face to face’ depth and richness

  • Rigorous attention to sample design and recruitment process




  • Careful consideration of sample & sources for each project

  • Able to deliver against multiple strategic objectives

  • Develop nuanced questions and measures, leveraging consumer attitudes and language

  • Creative application of statistical tools

  • Succinct & impactful storytelling


Planning & Strategy

Our partners seek us out for our point of view, objectivity, and collaborative style. Leverage us as your advisors to think deeply about your challenges, lend an ear to your concerns, or spark conversation with your team. We offer multiple levels of engagement for budgets and teams of all sizes.


  • Executive Workshops

  • Ideation Sessions

  • Facilitation & Strategy Development

  • Expert Interviews

  • Secondary Desk Research

  • Strategic Sprints


All Things India

Mumbai City

The Indian economy and the “Global Indian” community are reaching a pivotal point in world economic dynamics. India is rapidly attaining a remarkable degree of importance in all areas, with the Indian “middle class” becoming one of the most populous and lucrative markets in the world. The buying power of the Indian consumer in India and the Global Indian consumer is out-pacing the rest of the world by a large margin.

The growth of the Indian economy from the early 2000s and “Modi-fication” of India in the last decade or so has produced significant growth and prosperity for India and Indians. It has also influenced spending patterns and cultural/behavioral choices of the Indian American community in the US, which the market needs to take into consideration. Indian Americans are increasingly clamoring for products and services that address their unique needs and celebrate them as citizens of the world.


We are experts on the culture, nuances and success factors of expanding to India and marketing to Global Indians. Our clients rely on our point of view, objectivity, and collaborative style in navigating this complex, diverse and important community. Our advisory services and research will help you think deeply about your challenges, lend an ear to your concerns, and find solutions to help make your expansion plans a success.


  • Indian American/ Global Indian Consulting & Research

  • Advisory/ Research Services for companies looking to expand to India

  • Advisory/ Research Services for Indian companies looking to expand to the US

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