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Fractional Marketing Officer


Every organization needs a successful strategy/ platform to market themselves, whether it is building awareness, understanding their customers and their needs, developing a strong marketing vision/ strategy or designing, positioning, communicating and advertising offerings to gain the most traction …. as well as everything in-between. It is crucial to have the right person at the helm to lead this process and ensure that the entire organization is moving in the right direction.

Many organizations do not have the resources or requirements to employ a full-time expert in this role - a fractional leader is the right choice in these situations

Benefits of hiring a Fractional Marketing/Insights Leader 

  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a seasoned marketing and insights leader who has years of experience and a sound track record of success

  • Gain the expertise of a very senior professional without the costs and commitment of hiring a full-time position

  • Role can be structured to your needs – as many hours a month as you like, for as long as you need

  • Role can serve as a ‘pinch-hitter’, substitute resource or an augment to existing personnel

Your Trusted Partner for Optimizing Market Potential

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