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Taking Market Research to a New Level

In a confusing and crowded “one-size-fits-all” product-led AI market that has mushroomed in the last few months, InnerPersonas clearly stands out as a customized AI-augmented platform bundled with relevant consulting, that builds on your existing investments, works with your data and helps your researchers to amplify, accelerate and adapt insights to gain clear competitive advantage.

What are InnerPersonas©?


InnerPersonas© are AI-aided, dynamic, digital representations of personas created through traditional market research - enhancing the strengths of the process, while minimizing the limitations. They provide an interactive platform to deeply understand customers and prospects – can be predictive of their current and future attitudes and actions.

They are a Human-Centric concept / design that delivers “Augmentation” to enhance the use and applicability of traditional market research rather than creating substitutes for it.


Benefits of InnerPersonas©

  • Enhanced Analytical Capabilities:  Creates advanced analysis opportunities that increase business value from existing research investments.

  • Knowledge Preservation: Digitizing personas creates easily transferrable institutionalized knowledge that reduces the risk associated with personnel turnover.

  • Time Savings & Cost Efficiency: Eliminates or significantly reduces the need for costly and time-consuming additional studies. 

  • Discovery of Hidden Correlations: LLMs underpinning InterPersonnas can identify patterns and insights that might not be apparent through traditional methods, creating new opportunities.

  • Integration Across Business Units: Digitized, AI-enhanced market research artifacts can be integrated with supporting business functions, extending decision-making across the enterprise.

  • Operational Agility: Streamlines months of work into days increasing the potential to eliminate repetitive costs, and dramatically accelerating responsiveness. 

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