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AI Services


A Fractional AI Officer can guide your business in AI strategy, implementation, and management without the need for a full-time hire.  Learn More.

Typical AI adoption/acceleration services offered :

Planning & Strategy for AI Adoption

What is your competitive and winning AI strategy ? Is it sustainable ? How do you measure success of your AI strategy and adoption ? How do you compare with your peer group / industry ?


Definition & Optimization of AI Programs

Use Cases and Solvable problems. Prioritization and Creating roadmap for your AI journey. AI Governance and Investment Rationalization.


Organizational Change Management

Raising your organization "AI IQ". Inclusive AI that elevates your entire organization. Ethical and pragmatic guardrails. Re-Skilling, Re-drawing Organizational interfaces and relationships.


Generative AI/LLM Full Cycle Management

Which LLMs to use? Maximizing Prompt engineering and prompt tuning benefits. LLM fine tuning. Training data. Multiple LLMs in different configurations to manage risks and optimize use.


Machine Learning Deployment, Optimization & Acceleration

Moving from pilot into production. Observability, Operating costs/support and value dashboards.

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